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Portrait of local resident Alfred Gloeckner

Photograph of members of the Gloeckner family seated on a couch. Text on back says:

Ruth Gloeckner Moore
Jacob "
Grace Hysell Gloeckner
Alfred "
Mary E. " Harris, Horton

Group photo of members of the Gloeckner, Hysell, and McKee families. Text on back reads:

George Hysell Jacob Gloeckner and Grace in back

Mary Hysell
Alfred Gloeckner
Ralph McKee
Francis "
Lois "
Mary E Gloeckner

A photo of Alfred Gloeckner and family enjoying a day outside. Text on back reads:

L to R.
Alfred (Gloeckner)
Ruth Gloeckner (Alf's Daughter)
Ruth Moore (Alf's Sister)