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Meigs County Photos

Middleport Flood 1913


Written on the photograph:
"Mill St. looking W. after water was down
Middleport, O. Flood 3-30-13"

Middleport flood photo


Middleport flood photo looking north on Main Street.

Middleport Flood March 1912


Middleport Flood destruction March 1912

Flooded 2nd St, Middleport, Ohio, 1913


Flooded 2nd St, Middleport, Meigs County, Ohio, 1913

Flooded Mill St Middleport, Ohio


Flooded Mill St Middleport, Ohio, Meigs County Ohio

Flooded Pomeroy Parking Lot


Sign in foreground reads "Welcome to Historic Downtown Pomeroy" with the flooded Ohio River in the background. A gazebo is visible in the photo.

1884 Flood at Courthouse


1884 Flood at Courthouse

1913 Flood at Syracuse Postcard


Written on the back of the postcard:
"Taken from our hill
M.B. Church in front.
M.E. Church in the distance."

Lynn Street Flood 2004


Photo of the intersection of East Main Street and Lynn Street during the flood of 2004. People gathered at the Peoples bank drive to observe the river…

Cherry Street 2004 Flood.


Photo of the intersection of Cherry Street and East Main Street during the flood of 2004. According to NOAA, the river crested at 52.2 feet on…

Main Street Flood of 2004


Photo of Main Street during the 2004 Flood shows waters over Main Street and completely covering the entrance and front parking lot of Rite Aid.…

Main Street flood 2004


Photo looking North on Main Street. Grace Episcopal Church can be seen, Pomeroy School that has since been demolished, and the First Baptist Church of…

Main Street Flood 2004


Photo of the 2004 flood taken from Farmers Bank parking lot . Farmers drive-thru ramp, the intersection of Main Street and Butternut Avenue, and…

Main Street Flood 2004


Photo of the 2004 flood taken from the Farmers Bank parking lot showing the upper parking lot and Main Street completely covered by the flood waters.…

Gazebo during the flood of 2004.


Photo of the Gazebo in the upper parking lot during the 2004 flood. According to NOAA, the river crested at 52.2 feet on September 19, 2004.

Farmers Bank during the flood of 2004


Photo of the flood of 2004, likely taken from Butternut Avenue, depicts flood waters completely covering Main Street. The drive-thru ramp of Farmers…

Adams Mill

Keno covered bridge and mill (002).jpg

Adam's Mill overlooks the Shade River. The Keno Covered Bridge, destroyed in 1923, is in the rear of the photo.

Final Passenger Train

Last Passenger train pulling into Pomeroy Dec. 31, 1949.jpg

Last passenger train pulling into Pomeroy, Ohio December 31st, 1949.

Last Street Car run in Meigs County Ohio

Last Street Car.jpg

The final days of a street car in Racine, Ohio.

Last Trolley to run in Racine Ohio.

Last Trolley at Racine2.jpg

Here we see the attendant and the conductor posing with their trolley the last day it is run.

Letart Hillbillies Basketball Team

Letart Basketball.jpg

The local basketball team of Letart. The Letart Hillbillies of 1958.

1888 Letart Falls Elementary School

Letart Falls Graded School 1887 - 1888 (002).jpg

A photo taken from the old Letart Falls Elementary which became the community building.

Letart Falls in 1907

Letart Falls in 1907  GS.jpg

A photo of some individuals being outside in 1907.

Letart Falls Elementary Minstrel

Letart Kid's MInstrel (002).jpg

Minstrel at Letart Falls Elementary with several children standing to be the center of the show.

Letart Falls Community Hall


The Community Hall which served those local to Letart Falls, Ohio.

Long Bottom School

Long Bottom School.jpg

A side view of the Long Bottom School.

The Ferry Boat Lydia Cross

Lydia Cross.jpg

The Ferry boat Lydia Cross which moved travelers between Racine, Ohio and Graham Station, West Virginia.

Majestic in Middleport Ohio.

Majestic Show Boat at Middleport.jpg

The showboat Majestic sits along the bank in Middleport, Ohio.

Meigs County Bookmobile Building

Meigs Bookmobile bldg.jpg

The building housing the Meigs County Bookmobile off of Route 7.

Meigs County Infirmary

Meigs County Infirmery.jpg

The infirmary in Meigs offering care and working together.

Meigs County Courthouse

Meigs Courthouse pre 1877.jpg

The Meigs Courthouse before additions were incorporated into it's design.

The Meigs Theatre

Meigs Theatre (002).jpg

The front of the Meigs Theatre serving Meigs County patrons.

Troops Returning Home

Meigs troops returning home from WWI. Photo taken from Meigs County Courthouse steps..jpg

A photo taken from the court house steps, troops are returning home from what is most likely World War 1.

Tuppers Plains School

Meigs Tuppers Plains 1 (002).jpg

Torn down in the 1950's, the Tuppers Plains School was across from what was once the Olive-Orange High School

Letart Falls Methodist Church

Methodist Church LEtart Falls (002).jpg

The Methodist Church located in Letart Falls.

Lewis and Coe Clothing

Middleport (002).jpg

Mill Street in Middleport Ohio with a focus on Lewis an Coe Clothing.

The flood of Middleport in 1913.

Middleport 1913 Flood.jpg

An elevated view of Middleport in 1913 during the flood.

Citizen's Bank Note


A photograph of the bank note from Citizen's Bank in Middleport, Ohio.

Middleport Fife and Drum Corp.

Middleport Fife and Drum Corps Taken September 23rd 1910_ (002).jpg

The Middleport Fife and Drum Corp stands together for a photo.

Middleport Fire Department Crew

Middleport Fire Dept Crew.jpg

The brave crew of Middleport Fire Department posing for a photo.

Middleport Livery and Fire Department

Middleport Fire Department and Livery Stable, 1916.b.jpg

A photo of Middleport. Pictured are the fire department and the livery stable.

Middleport Fire Department

Middleport Fire Dept.jpg

Two cars outside the Middleport Fire Department.

The Middleport T

Middleport T.jpg

A photo businesses and buggies around the Middleport T.

Middleport Woolen Mill

Middleport Woolen Mill.jpg

A group photo taken in front of the Middleport Woolen Mill.

Anitiquity Mill

Mill at Antiquity (002).jpg

A picture of the mill in Antiquity, Ohio.

Minersville, Ohio early 20th Century.

Minersville (002).jpg

A photo of Minersville and railcards in the early 20th century.

Munn Brothers Store

Munn Bros.jpg

A photo of the Munn Brothers Store in Syracuse, Ohio. Pictured with 3 people and a bike!

The New York Clothing House

NY Clothing House Meigs Hotel.jpg

The New York Clothing House stands on the corner in Pomeroy, Ohio.

Chester, Ohio

Old Chester (002).jpg

An older view of Chester, Ohio

Early days of Harrisonville.

Old Harrisonville.jpg

Front St. of Harrisonville.

Middleport in the 1900's

Old Middleport.jpg

An elevated view of Middleport and the rail car in the early 1900s.

Portland, Ohio during the flood of 1884

Old Portland flooded.jpg

The great flood in Portland, Ohio in 1884.

The Racine High School and Church

Old Racine High School.jpg

The church and school of Racine, Ohio stand tall next to teach other.

Racine Ohio in Winter.

Old Racine.jpg

An elevated view of Racine, Ohio.

A photo of Rutland in the 1890's

Old Rutland (002).jpg

A photo of Rutland during Independence day in 1890.

A photo after the fire in Pomeroy, Ohio.

Pomeroy Fire August 4 1884 43 bldgs destroyed_ (002).jpg

The fire of 1884 destroyed 43 buildings in Pomeroy, Ohio.

Railroad Roundhouse in Pomeroy Ohio

Pomeroy Roundhouse 1930's.jpg

An elevated view of the railways in Pomeroy, Ohio.

Portland Band

Portland Ohio Community Band Meigs County 1890 (002).jpg

Portland, Ohio town band in 1890 stands together for a picture.

Morris Bowers

Prof. Morris Eugent Bowers 1849-1926 (002).jpg

A photo taken of the owner and head professor of the Tuppers Plains Seminary.

Racine, Ohio in early 1900's.

Racine businesses.jpg

A picture of North Main St in Racine, Ohio. Taken around 1900

River Ice in Racine, Ohio

Racine chipping ice off rr tracks (002).png

A group removing river ice from the railroad tracks after a flood.

Racine Ohio Post Office

Racine Post Office.jpg

A group of Racine Post Office employees in front of the building around 1914

Racine Postman

Racine Postman.jpg

Emmit Jewett on his Harley Davidson delivering mail.



A photo of a railcar and conductor in Pomeroy, Ohio.

Katie Stockdale

Katie Stockdale Reedsville 1889.jpg

The Katie Stockdale docked at Reedsville, Ohio in 1889.

Clip of the Democrat Newspaper from Thursday, July 13, 1933

July 13 1933.JPG

Clip of the Democrat Newspaper from Thursday, July 13, 1933. Several news stories are included.

John Stone, General Blacksmithing, Rutland, Ohio in 1908.

John Stone General Blacksmithing & Horse Shoeing in Rutland 1908.jpg

Several people gather in and around the John Stone General Blacksmithing & Horse shoeing business in Rutland, Ohio in 1908.

A Hysell Family

Hysell Charles R Dorothy P. George W. Adaline McBride (002).jpg

A picture of Adaline McBride, Dorothy Pearl, George William, and Charles R. Hysell in Pomeroy, Ohio around 1917.

The Hostottle/Hostetter House in Tuppers Plains, Ohio.

Hostottle Hostetter house (002).jpg

A picture of some residents in front of the Hostottle/Hostetter House in Tuppers Plains, Ohio. It is said that General Morgan rested in the back…

Reynolds Feed Store

Reynolds Bros feed store middleport (002).jpg

Reynold's Feed Store in Middleport, Ohio experiencing a crowd.

Hog transport

Hog Siene.JPG

A group of men transporting what appears to be a pig/hog unto a ramp.

Hocking Valley Railroad Station

Hocking Valley RR station Pomeroy.jpg

Picture of Main Street in Pomeroy during a flood. The building in the upper right is the Hocking Valley Railroad Station.

River Ice and the Pomeroy-Mason Bridge

River Ice (002).jpg

A photo of thick ice from the river in the foreground of the Pomeroy-Mason bridge.

Hillside Picnic

hillside picnic.jpg

Picture of some residents enjoying a picnic. Appears to be the Catholic Church in Pomeroy in the distance.

Champion Number 3


A riverboat seen on the Ohio river.

Herschel H. Badgley

Hershel Badgley WWI.jpg

Portrait of Herschel H. Badgley, born August 7, 1899 in Letart Falls, Ohio and Died October 9th, 1994. He was a Private 1st Class, HQ Company, 10th…

Rockslide in Pomeroy Ohio

Rock Slide in late 70s - early 80s.jpg

A Rockslide that occurred near the old Pomeroy Bridge.

Pomeroy Railroad Tracks

RR Tracks at Pomeroy (002).jpg

A group works on the Pomeroy Railroad tracks.

Wreck of Sternwheeler Henry M. Stanley.

Henry M. Stanley.jpg

Picture of the wreckage of the Henry M. Stanley in Gallipolis, Ohio on September 3, 1907.

Mill at the Shade River

Shade River (002).jpg

A Covered bridge runs over the Shade River with a mill pictured at the side.

The Meigs County Sheriff's Office


A photo taken across the street from the Meigs County Jail.

Harry and Waid Hayman

Harry and Waid Hayman (002).jpg

Picture of Harry Hayman (1910-1996) and Waid Hayman (1911-2005) of Letart Falls, Ohio.

Stark's Drug Store in Pomeroy Ohio


A photo from the river of Stark's drug store in downtown Pomeroy, Ohio.

Halley's Comet over Pomeroy in 1910

Halley's Comet over Pomeroy in 1910..jpg

A picture of Halley's Comet as it passes over Pomeroy in 1910.

Steamboats in Ravenswood, WV.

Steamboats at Ravenswood 1884 flood (002).jpg

Steamboats at rest during the flood of 1884.

Guy Guinther and Joe Bob Hemsley

guy guinther and joe bob hemsley.jpg

Picture of Guy Guinther and Joe Bob Hemsley in baseball uniforms.

A Meeting of Great Minds

Great Minds.jpg

A meeting of great minds at the Badgley Farm in East Letart ca. 1946-1947. Pictured are William Sherman McBride, Charles R. Hysell, Pearl Peteris…

Racine Sternwheel

Sternwheeler at Racine.jpg

Sternwheeler on the Ohio River around 1900.

Racine Hotel

Street Car RacineB (002).jpg

A photo taken in front of the Hotel in Racine. Also pictured is the streetcar that ran to Middleport from Racine.

Grand Croakers

grand croakers.png

Group picture of the Grand Croakers.

Gordon C. Green.


Picture of the sternwheeler Gordon C. Green on the Ohio River.



Inside of the Streetcar that ran from Middleport to Racine.

Goessler Jewelers

Goessler Jewelry Store - Green Lantern Bar2.jpg

Pciture of the Goessler Jewelers building that later became the Green Lantern bar on Main Street in Pomeroy.



Business as usual at Summerfields in Chester, Ohio



Picture of Peter Gloeckner Saloon in 1913 and Sonny's (Gloeckner) Tavern in 2013, both located at 110 East Main Street. Same building over a century…

Syracuse Baseball Team

Syracuse Baseball Team.jpg

The baseball team of Syracuse Ohio. Lead by coach Bob Louks

View from the the air of Syracuse, Ohio

Syracuse birds eye view.jpg

Aerial view of Syracuse Ohio including Cash Grocery

Main Street in Pomeroy

Front Street Pomeroy.jpg

Main Street in Pomeroy, Ohio. Hartwell Mining Co., Ellis Clothing, Schlaegel's, and Grand Dilcher Hotel are businesses that can be seen.

Syracuse Cooks

Syracuse cooks.jpg

A group of Syracuse Cooks standing together for a photo.

Syracuse Dirt Street

Syracuse dirt street.jpg

To the left there were railroad tracks that ran from Middleport to Racine. Most likely for the Interurban.

Picture of the flood of 2000 in the upper parking lot in Pomeroy.

flood in Pomeroy parking lot Feb 2000.jpg

Picture of the upper parking lot during the 2000 flood.

Syracuse Ladies

syracuse ladies.jpg

The Syracuse Ladies posing together for a photo.

Syracuse Women's Group

syracuse women's group.jpg

The Syracuse Women's Group standing together for a photograph.

Side View of the Tell City

TELL CITY riverboat.JPG

A view from the side of The Tell City.

Tell City Wreck

Tell City Wreck.JPG

Some climb to the top of the boat due to the Tell City wreck.

Farmer & Builder's Store in Racine, Ohio

Farmers Builders Store (002).jpg

Late 1890s to early 1900s picture of the Farmers & Builder's Store in Racine, Ohio. Roberts & Cross names are painted on the building.

The Old Elm Tree in Racine, Ohio

Elm Tree in Racine.jpg

Picture of the elm tree in Racine, Ohio.

The Electric Theatre

Electric Theatre (002).jpg

2 men stand in the entrance of the Electric Theatre in Pomeroy, Ohio. The Theatre is advertising the movie "The Railroad Raiders" which was made in…

Eden Church

Eden Church.jpg

Group photo of parishioners of the Eden Church. Unknown year. Some names are written on the picture, most are illegible.

Ebersbach Gas Station

Ebersbach Landmark.jpg

Picture of Ebersbach Mobilegas Station and Auto Supplies in Pomeroy, Ohio. Picture was taken in the late 1920s or early 1930s. It later became…

Dyesville, Ohio

Dyesville, ohio.jpg

Scenic view of a cold winter's day in Dyesville, Ohio in the late 1890s or early 1900s.

Dutchtown School in Minersville, Ohio

Dutchtown School.JPG

Picture of the Dutchtown School in Minersville, Ohio in the 1890s / 1900s.

Downie Riverboat

downie riverboat.jpg

Picture of the Downie Riverboat passing by Main Street in Pomeroy. The boat reads "Downie for Lime & Cement"

Dexter Train Wreck

Dexter Train Wreck.jpg

Picture of the train wreck that destroyed the staion house in Dexter, Ohio in the early 1900s. J.F. Bowles building can be seen.

Dexter, Ohio

Dexter (002).jpg

Picture of Dexter, Ohio in the late 1890s early 1900s. Two trains are are on the tracks. The train depot and J.F. Bowles Department store as well as…

Dana Day French

Dana Day French  WW1 soldier-Recovered.jpg

Portrait of Dana Day French. Born June 6th, 1887 in Harrisonville, Ohio. Died May 1st, 1942.

Construction of Locks and Dam #24 in 1915.

Dam24 at Racine Ohio 1915 (002).jpg

Picture shows Locks and Dam #24 under construction in Racine, Ohio in 1915.

Crow's Restaurant


Picture of Crow's Restaurant after renovations. Unknown year.

Crow's Family Restaurant

Crows Restaurant Pomeroy.jpg

Picture of the Crow's Family Restaurant/ Kentucky Fried Chicken Building on East Main Street in Pomeroy, Ohio.

Cross's Store and the Racine Banking Co.

Cross's store and bank (002).jpg

Picture of the Cross's and Racine Banking Co. buildings in Racine, Ohio in the early 1900s.

Cross's Store in Racine, Ohio

Cross's Store 1880 (002).jpg

Construction team poses for a picture during the erection of the Cross's Store in Racine, Ohio.

Picture of the Meigs County Courthouse


Picture of the Meigs County Courthouse from the intersection of Main and Court Streets.

Statue at Meigs County Courthouse.

courthouse statue.jpg

Picture of the statue at the Meigs County Courthouse.

Meigs County Courthouse

courthouse 2.jpg

The Meigs County Courthouse, Pomeroy, Ohio. Picture is prior to the wings being added to the courthouse in 1877.

The Tell City

Tell City.JPG

The Tell City exploring the river!

Hobson Roundhouse and Repair Facility

The Hobson Roundhouse (002).jpg

Opened in 1902, The Hobson Roundhouse and Repair Facility stood in Middleport, Ohio.

The Joe Cook

The Joe Cook Pomeroy (002).jpg

The Joe cook built in 1930 in Nashville, TN, plied the Ohio, Kanawha, and Elk Rivers until 1952. In 1948 a boiler exploded killing 3 men.

Middleport Flour Mill

The Middleport Flour Mill (002).jpg

Workers and patrons at Middleport Flour Mill.

Unknown Class Photo

Class Photo.JPG

Unknown class photo with teacher Cora Balser.

Whitehouse Tavern

The White House Pomeroy.jpg

The Whitehouse Tavern of Pomeroy Ohio. A popular destination.

Ohio River Electric Railway and Power Co. Interurban

THEINT~1 (002).JPG

The Interurban ran from 1900 to 1929. It operated between Middleport and Racine

City Hall in Middleport, Ohio

city hall Middleport.jpg

Picture of City Hall in Middleport, Ohio.

Church postcard

church postcard.tif

Scan of an old postcard. The roof appears to have the word "church" in it. The sign above the door appears to read "Town Hall". Unknown church/…

Charter Oak Coal Works/ Peacock Coal Company

Charter Oak Coal Works (002).jpg

Photo of Charter Oak Coal Works/ Peacock Coal Company of Pomeroy, Ohio looking east towards Syracuse, Ohio.

Charter Oak Coal Works/ Peacock Coal Company

Charter Coal Works.jpg

Photos of Charter Oak Coal Works/ Peacock Coal Company from opposing views. The top photo is looking west towards Pomeroy, Ohio on what is today State…

Casey Brothers

Casey Brothers.jpg

Photo of the Casey brothers.

Carrie V.

Carrie V built at Antiquity in 1897  Sank 1909 at Bush's Mill (002).jpg

Photo of the sternwheel towboat built at Antiquity, Ohio in 1897. According to the Dave Thomson Gallery, the boat and crew were possibly working on…

Charles Henry Strohmeyer

C H Strohmeyer.jpg

Portrait of Charles Henry Strohmeyer. According to the information provided, Mr. Strohmeyer was born in Syracuse, Ohio on April 5th, 1886. He passed…

Brewster Higley

Brewster Higley.jpg

Portrait of Brewster Higley.

"Boone" Weaver

Boone Weaver.jpg

Photo of "Boone" Weaver at Weaver Skiff Works in Racine, Ohio in 1959. Accord to the photo the picture was created from a photo at…


Bonanza (Boat) at Pomeroy.jpg

Picture of the sidewheeler Bonanza at Pomeroy river front.