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Iva Lucille Ward Lawrence Iva Lucille Ward Lawrence
1972 Easterner 1972 Easterner
Description:Yearbook for graduating year 1972
Betty Pooler Betty Pooler
Iva Lucille Ward Lawrence Iva Lucille Ward Lawrence
(Edwin) Leon Saunders(Edwin) Leon Saunders
10th Big Bend Regatta10th Big Bend Regatta
Description:10th Big Bend Regatta Program
116th barracks

116th barracks

Description:116th barracks
116th Officer headquarters

116th Officer headquarters

Description:116th Officer headquarters
14th Big Bend Regatta14th Big Bend Regatta14th Big Bend Regatta
Subject:14th Big Bend Regatta
Description:14th Annual Big Bend Regatta Program
16th Big Bend Regatta16th Big Bend Regatta16th Big Bend Regatta
Subject:16th Big Bend Regatta
Description:16th Big Bend Regatta Program
17th Big Bend Regatta17th Big Bend Regatta
Description:17th Big Bend Regatta Program
1830 U.S. Federal Census of Meigs County1830 U.S. Federal Census of Meigs County
1840 U.S. Federal Census of Meigs County1840 U.S. Federal Census of Meigs County
1850 Chester Township Census1850 Chester Township Census
1850 Lebanon Township Census
1850 Lebanon Township Census
1850 Letart Township Census1850 Letart Township Census
1850 Olive Township Census1850 Olive Township Census
1850 Rutland Township Census1850 Rutland Township Census
1850 Salem Township Census1850 Salem Township Census
1850 Scipio Township Census1850 Scipio Township Census
1850 Sutton Township Census1850 Sutton Township Census
1861 Civil War letter

1861 Civil War letter

1884 Flood at Courthouse

1884 Flood at Courthouse

Description:1884 Flood at Courthouse
1888 Letart Falls Elementary School1888 Letart Falls Elementary School
Description:A photo taken from the old Letart Falls Elementary which became the community building.
1897 Pomeroy Main Street Flood1897 Pomeroy Main Street Flood
Description:View of Main Street in Pomeroy during the 1897 Flood. The P. Gloeckner building, a hotel, and Feiger and Sons buildings can be seen.
1905 rockslide1905 rockslide
Description:depicts the rock slide that happened at the Darling residence in Pomeroy, Ohio in 1905.
1905 Syracuse Ball Team
1905 Syracuse Ball Team
Description:1905 Syracuse Ball Team Names on back: "Top row: Artur Duckworth, Orville Slack, Dana Ables, Johnny Jones, Floyd Coslin, Amos Bohram. Bottom row: Tom Clark, Walter Ables, Orville Capehart, Bud Roush, Speck McBride."
1907 Flood on Main Street Pomeroy1907 Flood on Main Street Pomeroy
Description:Flood waters enter the storefronts on Main Street in Pomeroy. "Megga Saloon" is visible on one of the storefronts.
1907 Flood, Middleport

1907 Flood, Middleport

Description:Postcard showing Middleport in the January 1907 flood, looking at Mill St. and N. 2nd St. Also visible are (L-R) Rathburn's Department Stores, C. Davis & Co Drugs, and Lewis & Coe Clothing. Text on back reads: Middleport during recent high water [show more]
1907 Flood, Middleport1907 Flood, Middleport
Description:North 2nd St and Rutland St. in Middleport in the January 1907 flood. Pictured: Foreman & Abbott (Left, on corner) and Woolen Mill (right)
1911 Dyesville train wreck1911 Dyesville train wreck
Description:Account of a train wreck that happened in Dyesville in 1911 the claimed 2 lives and injured 4 people.
1913 Flood at Syracuse Postcard

1913 Flood at Syracuse Postcard

Description:Written on the back of the postcard: "Taken from our hill M.B. Church in front. M.E. Church in the distance."
1913 Flood in Pomeroy1913 Flood in Pomeroy
Description:Picture of Main Street in Pomeroy during the flood of 1913. Hartwell Mining Co., Books, and Schlaeger signage can be seen.
1913 Flood in Syracuse1913 Flood in Syracuse
Description:Residents stand among the debris left by the 1913 Flood in Syracuse, Ohio.
1917 Memories1917 Memories
1919 Southern1919 Southern
Description:The Racina
1920 Chester Township Census1920 Chester Township Census
1920 Columbia Township Census1920 Columbia Township Census
1920 Letart Township Census1920 Letart Township Census
1920 Olive Township Census1920 Olive Township Census
1920 Orange Township Census1920 Orange Township Census
1920 Rutland Township Census1920 Rutland Township Census
1920 Southern1920 Southern
Description:The Racina
1920 Sutton Township Census1920 Sutton Township Census
1922 Memories1922 Memories
1926 Memories1926 Memories
1927 SAGA1927 SAGA
1928 Memories1928 Memories
1928 Pomeroy Jr. High School

1928 Pomeroy Jr. High School

Description:List of students and teachers on back reads: "Rhoddell Stuffy Carl Qualls Violet Burris Virgel Will August Compton Llewelgan Roush Ethel Smalley Robert Peoples George Reuter Ruben Ware Geno Pierotte Helen Gruser Hugh Davis Willis McMurry Walter Killinger George Owens Francis McKee Lillian Umininger Harry Watson Allen Roush Valyn Lowry Helen Blazewick Harry Wilson Charles Rayburn John Fisher Eva Wells Mildred Hazelton Rawlston Russell Ed Garber George Pierce Albert Rummel Cathryn Lutz Guy Reuter Alba Mayers Harold Wiggins Grace Baer Eleonor Smith James Stansberry Evelyn Steward Mae Midkiff Earl Stobard Hilda Durst Marcella Fisher Fred Gears Dayton Phillips Norma Griffith Adele S. Dorothy Canterbury Christine Senkers Edna ? Curd (unsure of last name) Manda Hayes Clifford Philips Anna Sauer Manda Hayes Robert Roberts Thelma Wehrung Francis Tolbert Lubert Eppleton Eleonor Starkey Wilma Borhon Tracy Whaley Mary Gloeckner Lucille Brown Sam Arnold Margaret Hobstetter Clara Stahl Teachers - Mrs. Chapman, Mr. Roberts" [show more]
1929 Memories1929 Memories